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Good Effort with Trees, But What about the Forests?

The EU launched the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Acts (DMA/DSA) on 15 December, the most detailed reworking of the digital regulatory environment to date. Provided that many tech players are willing to comply with the regulation’s ‘highest common denominator’ in order to prevent numerous offerings, and...

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AI, Green Deal


Huawei is committed to promoting green ICT solutions Achieving the objectives set out in the Green Deal demands actions coming from all sectors of the European economy: Investing in environmental-friendly technologies; Supporting industry to innovate and switch to greener processes; Rolling out cleaner, cheaper...

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Green Deal

Towards Europe 2030: resilient nature, sustainable economy, and healthy lives

The COVID-19 pandemic provides a clear example of how fragile our societies and economies can be in the face of a major shock. Environmental degradation and climate change are expected to make such shocks more frequent and more severe. Faced with uncertainty and multiple challenges, our only viable option is to ensure that each decision...

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