Empowering industries with green ICT solutions to jointly build a green world

The ICT industry has made numerous innovations related to environmental protection and energy conservation, which have been widely recognized worldwide. Huawei is committed to promoting green ICT solutions, through which we aim to drive industries to conserve energy, reduce emissions, and build a low-carbon society that saves resources....

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Environment, Green Deal, ICT

Good Effort with Trees, But What about the Forests?

The EU launched the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Acts (DMA/DSA) on 15 December, the most detailed reworking of the digital regulatory environment to date. Provided that many tech players are willing to comply with the regulation’s ‘highest common denominator’ in order to prevent numerous offerings, and...

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ICT, Smart Farming


Cutting edge-technologies can make a difference for olive farmers in Crete Olive farming plays a key role for the economy of Crete, Greece’s biggest island. It also requires vast amounts of water: agriculture accounts for around 85% of Crete’s freshwater consumption, and olive farming represents a large part of these activities....

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Economics, ICT

Circular economy in Europe: we all have a role to play

To most people the idea of a circular economy remains an abstract if not far-off concept. While ‘going green’ is a growing popular theme around the world, many people are not yet aware of the greater changes to our way of living that will have to be made to ensure a sustainable future, and secure …...

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Climate change: investing in low-carbon solutions and adaptation

Our climate is changing. We need to adapt to current and expected changes while maximizing our efforts to quickly and sharply reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And 2015 can be a turning point for global climate policies. Europe and the world must seize the opportunity and allocate sufficient funds to end the carbon dependency of...

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